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Franklin Infrastructure Ltd was set up to provide assistance and support to clients in all areas of street works including legislative compliance, implementation of new procedures, and provision of both back office and inspection staff. We offer a full range of services from a single short term inspector to a fully outsourced street works service.

Our team consists of experienced and knowledgeable staff, with roles ranging from Network Inspectors to Street Works managers, currently working with both Highway Authorities and works promoters to deliver better working practices and helping organisations to adapt to drive efficiency within the street works environment.

We provide training and skilled resources to implement and operate network management teams within the Public Realm department.

Outputs include:

  • Improved processes, policies and systems
  • Training for client staff
  • Improved operational performance in managing road works, developments and other highway activity
  • Greatly improved cost recovery from 3rd parties
  • Protection against legal and reputation risks
  • Protection of network assets
  • Improved interdepartmental working
  • Improved performance of the Council’s Network Management Duty

We employ a team of technical staff whose primary function is to carry out the duties in respect of the TMA 2004 and NRSWA 1991. These roles include:

  • Management and policing of all incoming street works permits (LoPS) from works promoters both internal and external
  • Carrying out of sample inspections under the New Roads and Street Works Act 1991
  • Co-ordination of works and events to minimise disruption on the network
  • Stakeholder consultation for all major works and events affecting the network
  • Fee recovery from third parties carrying out work on the highway under the TMA 2004

In addition to the core NRSWA function of this team, we also provide expertise and staff to manage Development control and Highways licensing of which required a full review and amendment of existing procedures and the development and implementation of a robust structure within these departments.

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