EToN Permits

EToN (or the Electronic Transfer of Notices) is a method by which all information is shared between works promoters and highway authorities. These notices are operated via varying schemes nationwide however fundamentally it's a method of co-ordinating and gaining approvals to work in the public highway. For those organisations working in the highway, the notification process is fraught with complications and more importantly, if not managed correctly, can result in substantial fines of up to £5k a day!

Franklin Infrastructure employs staff with proven knowledge and experience in the streetworks industry to deliver this service, our processes have been honed to hugely reduce the risk of Fixed Penalty Notices and Section 74 overrun charges and more importantly delays to works programmes! In fact we are so confident of our ability that we only charge a fee for permits we obtain and execute in line with codes of practice.

EToN does not apply to everyone working in the highway as this typically only applies to those deemed to be Statutory Undertakers (organisations like Utility Companies) who have a right to excavate the highway to maintain public services however we have solutions for any situation or arrangement so feel free to get in touch.

We don't like to use cliché terms such as "one stop shop" or "comprehensive solution" however in a nutshell, give Franklin Infrastructure your works programme and we will deliver your sites with as much or little visibility of the process along the way.

Standard Lead Times for Permits

Please be aware that when applying for EToN Permits, there are a strict set of guidelines and procedures which we have to follow, and as a result, the mandatory notice period which we need from you is different depending on the length of the works that you have planned. We cannot guarantee that your permit will be granted if you do not provide us with the required notice period, so please check below to ensure that your application will fall within our minimum notice requirements.

Works with durations between 0-3 days 5 DAYS NOTCE REQUIRED
Works with durations between 4-10 days 12 DAYS NOTCE REQUIRED
Works with durations exceeding 11 days 4 CALENDAR MONTHS NOTICE REQUIRED
Works requiring road closures and / or temporary traffic orders 4 CALENDAR MONTHS NOTICE REQUIRED

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