Street Works Solutions

Street Works Solutions

We offer a full street works permitting and noticing system for organisations tasked with delivering works in the highway. Our staff have been using various Electronic Transfer of Notices (EToN) systems for 20 years, back when they were referred to as NRSWA notices, then onto permit schemes introduced under the Traffic Management Act 2004 and have now made the transition to the Department for Transport’s Street Manager system.

By using our vast experience, we offer a complete outsourced solution for managing the approval process of works being carried out by Statutory Undertakers in the UK and compliments all our Highway Services. We pride ourselves in our ability to work with Highway Authorities alongside our clients and understand the priorities that are associated with managing a network, it this understanding that allows us to tailor our processes to ensure we meet the demands of co-ordinating activities in the highway. We are so confident of this fact that our business model relies on the successful acquisition of road space as we do not charge a penny for approvals we do not obtain.

In addition to our permitting service we also have a database of highway authority approvals to cater for all types of highway activities such as Section 50 licences, TFL’s TMAN system, Crane / skips / scaffold licences and Section 61 exemptions plus many more.

Our robust processes ensure we have a zero tolerance policy on Fixed Penalty Notices resulting from untimely notifications and we work very closely with on-site teams and clients to ensure we protect the from these operational risks.

Streetworks Solutions by Franklin Infrastructure